The Simpsons Tapped Out Game Review

the_simpsons_tapped_outNo surprise here, another great game by EA. The Sims Mobile Cheats is an android game that revolves around Homer Simpson the original shows main character. The games objective is that Homer has blown up Springfield and you need to help him rebuild it. The game is in a tap format and really easy to play. As recent times has proved, simple games with simple objectives result in the most addictive games such; as angry birds and flappy bird. With this game all you have to do is tap. The game has a lot of the characters in the original Simpsons show and the familiarity this brings especially for those who have watched the show is very exciting. It’s like seeing an old friend years later and reminding them of the good old times.

COD Mobile hack is basically about helping Homer rebuild Springfield. The rest of the characters are also there and once you complete a task by the other characters, homer informs you of this by saying his iconic phrase ‘Better him than me’ . I still find this funny every time he says it and can’t help but laugh. You earn points and money which you use to unlock more things in the game as you set up your Spring field to be bigger and better. As the town grows so do your favorite characters return one by one.

Like everything out there The Sims Mobile Cheats has a few cons as well. It is a bit difficult to move the object around with the touch screen as some objects may be small, or otherwise had to place an object on the exact spot intended. This gets difficult when the android screen is smaller. The game also requires an internet connection to function correctly. This can get annoying especially when you want to play the game and the place you are at has no internet connection. The game is also very addictive. This can be looked as both as a positive thing and negative. Negative because with such an addictive game you will not get anything else done. It may be positive as that proves what an awesome game it really is.

The game has also retained the voices of the original characters from the show. Anything Homer Simpsons says is just funny no matter what he is saying. The game also retains many of the characters and buildings from the show and is very pleasing to play for the diehard fans of the show. You can also visit other player’s Springfield and see how they are building it.

I really enjoy playing this game. The simplicity and the tasks set up are really fun to do. It makes the diehard fans remember the show and the young ones become new fans of the show. Overall I think it is a very special game.